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WTOC 2016: Double gold for Sweden

Photo: Joaquim Margarido

At the end of Day 2 of the PreO competition, Martin Fredholm and Michael Johansson were the winners of the gold medals in the Open and Paralympic classes respectively. Both athletes repeated their excellent performances from the first day of this competition, tasting once more the sweet flavour of success.

The rocky park of Tolvmanstegen hosted the Day 2 course, which offered 28 controls and the extra of a three-task timed station. Quite long and physically demanding, the course proved to be very selective, with different types of tasks exploring the competitors’ skills and the whole seeking out the best of the best.

Each with twenty points after the first day of competition, a leading group of eight competitors fought hard for the medals, with just one of them performing perfectly once again, which gave him the gold. With 48 points and 40.5 seconds overall, the Swede Martin Fredholm completed his thirteenth presence in as many editions of the World Trail Orienteering Championships in the best possible way, recovering in front of his home audience a gold that he hadn’t won for ten years. After the bronze medal reached last year in Croatia, the Norwegian Martin Jullum climbed one step on the podium, leading a six-competitor group with 47 points. With 9.5 seconds longer on the timed controls than Jullum, the Latvian Janis Ruksans got the bronze medal. Stig Gerdtman and Marit Wiksell, both from Sweden, were fourth and fifth, and the Finn Pinja Mäkinen completed the podium in sixth place. Jens Andersson from Sweden was out of a podium placing by a narrow six seconds.

In the Paralympic class, the Russian Pavel Shmatov wasn’t able to deal with the pressure of a two-point advantage achieved on the first day and, with two mistakes today, dropped to second position with 46 points and 122 seconds overall. With a clean race, the Swedish Michael Johansson joined Shmatov in the lead, but a better performance at the timed stations gave him the gold for the second time in his career. Ola Jansson, Sweden finished third, one point behind the winner. The fight for the next positions was really tight, with two athletes counting 44 points. Faster in the timed stations, the Czech Jana Kostová finished fourth with 66 seconds, just half of a second (!) better than the Ukranian Vladislav Vovk, the World Champion in 2015. The last place on the podium was taken by the Dane Søren Saxtorph with 42 points.


Open class

  1. Martin Fredholm SWE 48 points / 40.5 seconds
  2. Martin Jullum NOR 47 / 34.5
  3. Janis Ruksans LAT 47 / 44
  4. Stig Gerdtman SWE 47 / 47.5
  5. Marit Wiksell SWE 47 / 91
  6. Pinja Mäkinen SWE 47 / 112.5

Paralympic class

  1. Michael Johansson SWE 46 points / 74.5 seconds
  2. Pavel Shmatov RUS 46 / 122
  3. Ola Jansson SWE 45 / 44.5
  4. Jana Kostová CZE 44 / 66
  5. Vladislav Vovk UKR 44 / 66.5
  6. Søren Saxtorph DEN 42 / 89.5


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