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Wojciech Dwojak’s many roles

Last year, Wojciech Dwojak retired from top level orienteering, but during the last week he has been involved in orienteering for morning to late night, and the Pole also has big challenges ahead.

At the first round of the World Cup, Wojciech was the Event Director, and also the mapper for the different competitions.

– It wasn’t an easy combination, but I planned it so that most of the mapping was done by the autumn of 2015. In 2016 I could focus only on being the Event Director.

Wojciech is ready for more combinations of different work. Next year, the World Games take place in Wroclaw.

– I will be responsible for the technical part and also I will be the map maker and course setter for one of the distances.

WC sprint Poland Woman Søndag 1. mai 2016 EM langdistanse Tirsdag 24. mai 2016 Bila Voda i TsjekkiaWojciech Dwojak

Different work

In “normal” life, the 34-year-old man is a soldier and works full time in the army.

– Planning work which has to be done before The World Games, I will do in close cooperation with The World Games Organizing Committee, but after my regular work hours. Just before the Games, I plan to take a month off to prepare the event properly.

The World Cup started with a middle distance race in Sobotka, a sprint race in Wroclaw and a sprint relay in Trzebnica.

– At the World Games, two sprints will be held in Wrocław and the middle distance in Trzebnica. We can guarantee that competitions will be at a high level, with demanding sprints and a tricky middle.

– How would you summarize the World Cup start?

– I’m satisfied with the quality of the courses. Many runners said to me that the courses were challenging, exactly as it should be in World Cup competitions. On the other hand, there are many things to improve before The World Games. I spent half a year on preparations for the World Cup, but looking back it was well invested time, I already miss it and I am looking forward to The World Games.

The best memory

– What was the best moment at the World Cup?

– I think the prize giving ceremonies were some magical moments. For the first time I was in a different role than runner and could enjoy time with the winners, sharing their happiness.

Last year Wojciech retired from professional sport and had to change his goals.

– Due to the World Cup duties, my own training was very chaotic for a period, but now when I have more free time, I plan to be ready and in good shape for the second part of the season. My motivation is still high and the big relays Tiomila and Jukola are a target I’m aiming for, he says.

Just short time ago he ran Tiomila for the Norwegian club Tyrving when they ended up as number 14.

Growing family

He is father to Nina, who is four years old. Soon the family will be four persons. These are days when a lot is happening.

– At the end of June we are expecting a new member in our family, a small boy, name not yet decided. For sure it is not easy and sometimes challenging, but during the past 4 years we have got used to it. I’m looking forward to when Nina will find her first control by herself.




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