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WOC 2017: 500 volunteers from 20 countries

The World Orienteering Championships 2017 is just around the corner and everything is ready for the biggest event in the calendar. This year it will be held in Tartu and Southern Estonia, becoming the most important event in the history of the Estonian orienteering.

As WOC is the most important event of the orienteering calendar and it´s a competition that gathers top-level orienteers from all over the world, the organisers have been working on this project since the decision of organising it was taken, in 2013. The Event Director is Markus Puusepp, an Estonian historic orienteer who has been working almost full time on this exciting challenge since November 2014 to ensure a good performance. The organisation is formed by 500 people, including the main clubs that organise the event: OK Kobras, OK Ilves, OK Võru and SK 100 and volunteers from 20 different countries.

Both organisation and athletes have worked hard for this moment and will do their best at WOC. During WOC, 367 top-level orienteers from 50 different countries will be running the greenest WOC ever, as the Event Director has defined it. He has also mentioned that the courses will be technical and interesting, as the organisation has been looking for challenging terrains.

Finally, it´s important to mention that WOC 2017 is hoped to give a lift to Estonian orienteering. Organisers have been working really hard on introducing orienteering to the public through a serious marketing effort with the aim of attracting spectators to cheer the participants during the whole week. Also, live TV broadcast all days is a big thing to introduce the sport to a wider audience. So don´t forget to follow WOC 2017 in order to know this year´s world champions.

by Sara Ricoy and Laura Garrido/IOF Digital Team


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