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13.04.2021 World Orienteering Day 2021 – two opportunities
The reaction to the announcement that World Orienteering Day 2021 would be postponed from May to September was huge. A lot of people contacted the IOF both applauding and welcoming the decision but nearly equally many reinforcing the fact that they were ready to go ahead in May and hoped to be able to do […]

12.04.2021 New paths of cooperation for the IOF and ISF
The International School Sports Federation (ISF) and the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2016 to promote cooperation between the organisations. One of the key elements of the cooperation so far has been around the World School Championships – Orienteering (WSCO) where the latest event in Estonia in 2019 gathered 600 participants […]

09.04.2021 Play True Day 2021
Since 2014, WADA and the Anti-Doping community worldwide have celebrated Play True Day, a day dedicated to Clean Sport and to raise awareness among athletes, the sporting public and others about the importance of protecting Clean Sport. The values of Fair Play and Clean Sport are central to orienteering, and this year we invite all […]

09.04.2021 Lumonite and IOF in partnership
Orienteering headlamps have developed significantly over the last few years. Not only have lamps developed technically but the market has also developed with an increasing number of brands marketing quality lamps. Lumonite is one of the relatively newly developed brands. Lumonite lamps are developed in Finland where the company behind the brand, Handshake Oy, is […]

06.04.2021 Education material
To support IOF member federations with material that can be used when teaching orienteering to children and youths the Global Development Commission has in the last months updated and added numerous education materials. You can find materials in 18 different languages here on the IOF website. For example the Orienteering Cartoons 1, 2 and 3, […]

01.04.2021 WMTBOC 2021 will go ahead as planned
The IOF and organisers of the World Mountainbike Orienteering Championships 2021 (WMTBOC), to be held in Kuortane, Finland from June 10-18, have determined that the event can be held as planned. One final approval for the event needs to be given by the Finnish Border Guard, but this was not possible to obtain until the […]

29.03.2021 Survey about WMOC 2021 participation
With the Covid-19 pandemic still giving uncertainty for summer orienteering events, the IOF and the organisers of the World Masters Orienteering Championships 2021 in Hungary are investigating how masters athletes see the potential for participating in the event. A survey has been prepared and sent out to previous WMOC participants (as allowd by GDPR). Further […]

26.03.2021 Orienteering World Cup 2021 and WOC 2021 National Quotas published
The document summarizing the national quotas for World Cup competitions 2021 and the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships 2021 is updated. Each National Team has a defined number of start-slots for each competition based upon World Rankings and results at previous WOC competitions. In addition, there are personal starting spots allocated to reigning World and […]

25.03.2021 Plenty of questions during information meeting about WOC trainings
The possibilities to prepare for Nokian Tyres World Championships 2021 by training in Czech Republic will be opened on 29th of March. In preparations, an information meeting was held online on 24th of March. About 50 national team coaches, team officials, organizers and others gathered to take part of the IOF general Covid-19 bulletin and […]

25.03.2021 Offer from SIGNSPORT for WOD 2021
SIGN SPORT is one of the partners to World Orienteering Day. Stanimir Enchev at SIGN-SPORT says; ”We are very happy to be an official partner of IOF and WOD. As a team of orienteers we hope that, with the WOD product collection and the recognizable design, together we will make the orienteering even more visible […]

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