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15.05.2013 IOF Foot Orienteering Event Advisers’ Clinic in Italy
The IOF Rules Commission will be organising an IOF Foot Orienteering Event Advisers' Clinic in conjunction with the World Masters Orienteering Championships 2013 in Sestriere, Italy. The more specific clinic date is 6 August which is a rest day for the World Masters competitors.

14.05.2013 New Foot Orienteering Athletes’ Commission chair
Matthias Merz, Switzerland, will be the coordinator of the new IOF Foot Orienteering Athletes' Commission.

13.05.2013 Huge promotion event for orienteering in Poland
3rd edition of "Poland runs with map" - the biggest orienteering event in Poland - was held on Saturday 11 May 2013. Polish Orienteering Federation organised free and easy orienteering events in 18 cities all over the country.

10.05.2013 Inside Orienteering 3-2013 published
This year's third issue of Inside Orienteering is now available. Read about Edgars Bertuks' thoughts about The World Games; the development of orienteering - all four disciplines - in Turkey; and why the reigning European Champion is willing to spend his time working for the Athletes' Commission in ski orienteering.

07.05.2013 Ski orienteering in the 52nd World Military Ski Championships
Ski Orienteering will be part of the 52nd World Military Ski Championships to be held in 2014 in Sodankylä, Finland.

06.05.2013 Already 2639 entries to World Masters Championships
World Masters Orienteering Championships will be held in Sestriere, Italy, 2-10 August, in conjunction with the World Masters Games. So far the organisers have received 2639 entries to the events.

03.05.2013 WRE status to CISM and FISU orienteering events
The IOF Council has decided in its meeting last weekend that CISM and FISU orienteering events shall have World Ranking Event status in the future. The decision applies more specifically to CISM World Military Orienteering Championships and FISU World University Orienteering Championships as well as the orienteering events part of CISM Military World Games and CISM Winter Military World Games.

03.05.2013 Evaluation of the 2012 major MTBO IOF Events
The IOF Mountain Bike Orienteering Commission asked athletes and coaches to evaluate major IOF events in 2012.

01.05.2013 “Trail Orienteering brought me back to life and back to being a proper part of society”, says TrailO World Champion 2005
Trail orienteering is an elite orienteering discipline as any other. But for some, it can have a special meaning beyond that. One of them is Evaldas Butrimas, our Athlete of May, who is trail orienteering World Champion from 2005.

29.04.2013 EWG’s proposals for OFE Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of orienteering federations in Europe (OFE) will take place on Tuesday 9th July 2013, 19.00 – 22.00 in Sokos Hotel in Vuokatti, Finland, in conjunction with the the World Orienteering Championships.

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