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Uganda and Nepal new members of the IOF

Nepal Orienteering Federation and Uganda Orienteering Federation have been approved as new provisional IOF members at the IOF Council meeting in Helsinki today. This means that the IOF now has 78 members. In addition, the Orienteering Sporting Federation of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been approved as “full” member – previously they were provisional members of the IOF.

Orienteering is being practiced in over 20 secondary schools in 2 regions in Uganda, and in 4 universities, tourists’ parks, and country hotels. The Uganda Orienteering Federation was established on 31 May 2013.

Nepal has a very good prospect for the development of orienteering sport. The current status of the orienteering in Nepal is just the beginning phase, but there are enthusiastic people, both Nepalese and foreigners, organising events. “The sport is adventurous and considering the geographical structure of the country, this form of sport is perfect for Nepal”, says the Nepal Orienteering Federation.

Orienteering has been developed in Azerbaijan since 2011 – after 20 years with almost no orienteering in the country – and the sport has grown rapidly. In 2013 the Azerbaijan Open Cup had 290 participants from both Azerbaijan and abroad. In 2013, a team from Azerbaijan took part in the IOF WOC Development Clinic and the World Orienteering Championships, and this year they took part in the World Cup Opening Round in Turkey.

The memberships of Nepal, Uganda, and Azerbaijan need to be ratified by the IOF XXVI General Assembly on 10 July 2014 in Lavarone, Italy.



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