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24.02.2021 WSOC 2021 Sprint: first ever gold for Estonia
Daisy Kudre (Estonia) and Vladislav Kiselev (Neutral athlete) won first gold medals at the 24th World Ski Orienteering Championships in Kääriku, Otepää, Estonia. Both athletes were 17 sec. faster than their closest rivals in Sprint race. On 24th February, Estonian Independence day, Daisy Kudre won first ever gold medal for Estonia at the World Ski […]

23.02.2021 World Ski Orienteering Championships start with a sprint race
The World Ski Orienteering Championships 2021 will start with a Sprint race this Wednesday, 24th of February in Kääriku Sports Center, Otepää, Estonia. Estonia is hosting the World Ski Orienteering Championships for the first time, and it will be a 24th championships in a history of WSOCs. 38 women and 56 men from 16 nations […]

23.02.2021 Trail Orienteering: ETOC cancellation and schedule changes
The Finnish Orienteering Federation and organisers of the European Trail Orienteering Championships (ETOC) which were scheduled to be held in Lohja, Finland from May 12-16, 2021, have informed the IOF that they are unable to conduct the event due to Covid-19 restrictions. The event had previously been moved from 2020 to 2021. Based upon the […]

19.02.2021 Speakers Corner 2021
In Speakers Corner you will meet some of the best orienteers in the world. Per Forsberg, the Event Director of Orienteering World Cup Round 2 – 2021 in Idre Fjäll, has invited both interesting and successful athletes for a longer conversation about their life as a top level orienteer. Every month we will publish two […]

15.02.2021 IOF approach to Covid-19 secure events
The Covid-19 pandemic has over the last year hit the world and changed the life conditions for most of us. Sports is heavily influenced and so is orienteering. Many competitions, on all levels and in all orienteering disciplines, have been cancelled to avoid spread of the virus. Sports have however found ways of handling the […]

15.02.2021 8 days to WSOC 2021
Welcome to Estonia for the World Ski Orienteering Championships 2021! (#wsoc2021) It is only 8 days to the first IOF Championship competition in almost a year. It has been a demanding year, and still is, but the start of WSOC 2021 in 8 days gives all orienteering lovers an exciting feeling. Together with the WSOC, […]

13.02.2021 Athletes from Russia to compete with neutral status at IOF World Championships
When the World Ski Orienteering Championships in Estonia starts with the Sprint competitions on February 24th, participating athletes from Russia will be competing with neutral status. This means they will not be representing their country, the Russian Federation, but themselves. The background for this is the ruling on December 17th, 2020 at the Court of […]

10.02.2021 UNOFFICIAL 7th WOC in Catching Features – Starts now
The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that orienteering in electronic forms can be very attractive. A sign of that was the popular TrailO Torus Advent calendar which attracted more than 1000 participants around the world. Now, it up for an unofficial WOC in Catching Features, in cooperation with WOC 2021 in Czech Republic. The selected virtual […]

09.02.2021 Updated offer from OCAD for WOD 2021
OCAD is one of World Orienteering Day’s partners. Andreas Kyburz at OCAD says; “We at OCAD are enthusiastic orienteers and orienteering mapmakers. Therefore, we would be happy if many new maps were created in connection with WOD and hope to contribute to its success with our free OCAD licences.“ OCAD have a new offer to […]

07.02.2021 Successful digital IOF High Level Event Seminar
On Saturday February 6th, the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission organised the High Level Event Seminar for the 13th time – but for the first time in a digital format using MS Teams. The seminar, which primarily targets appointed organisers, potential future organisers and key persons involved in IOF High Level Events, including already appointed IOF […]

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