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Республиканские соревнования «Командный чемпионат Белорусской федерации ориентирования»


Республиканские соревнования «Командный чемпионат Белорусской федерации ориентирования»

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09.04.2013 Nordic Orienteering Tour 2014 and 2015 cancelled
The Nordic Orienteering Tour steering group informed the IOF  that they are not going to organise the Tour in 2014 and 2015.

03.04.2013 EOC and ETOC 2016 application forms published
Application forms for European Orienteering Championships and European Trail Orienteering Championships 2016 are now available. Applicants are asked to send their applications to the IOF Office by 19 May 2013.

01.04.2013 “When I set my goals, I like to achieve them”
Our Athlete of April, Davide Machado, is one of the upcoming stars in mountain bike orienteering. He trains with the High Performance Group in Portugal; a special group of elite athletes from various sports who are subsidised by the Portuguese government, to help improve their performance and ensure yet more excellent results.

28.03.2013 Old issues of Orienteering World
Interested in old Orienteering World magazines? Check out this offer!

28.03.2013 Scientific Journal of Orienteering – 2013
A new issue of the Scientific Journal of Orienteering has been published.

27.03.2013 CISM Winter World Games: Russia wins men’s relay – France women’s
The CISM Winter World Games continued today, and for ski orienteers it was time to ski relay. Men's winner was, not too unexcpected, Russia, before Norway and Finland.

26.03.2013 CISM World Winter Games: Victory to Khrennikov and Tomilova
The ski orienteering events in the CISM World Winter Games kicked off today with middle distance. The biggest favourites were best even in the extremely difficult conditions with 10-30 meter visibility in the fog. Eduard Khrennikov, 7-fold World Champion, and Natalia Tomilova brought the victories to Russia in the men's and women's class.

25.03.2013 Inside Orienteering 2/2013 reports from all around the world
The man behind the success in South East Europe, the newest member of the IOF: Azerbaijan, reports from Portugal O-Meeting and Portugal O-Meeting/TrailO, the Spanish Bomb Kids, A success story on school orienteering in Tasmania -

- this and much more, in the newest issue of Inside Orienteering!

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