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23.04.2021 Updated IOF Event news
The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause changes in the program of IOF Major Events for 2021. As the summer season approaches a number of decisions have been made by organisers and the IOF regarding events scheduled for 2021. Earlier this week we have communicated about the postponement of the World Trail Orienteering Championships (WTOC) to […]

23.04.2021 Excellent TV coverage of the World Cup in Switzerland
The World Cup round 1 with European Championships will be broadcast in the following countries and channels; Finland YLE Norway NRK Switzerland SRG SSR Sweden SVT All other countries: Web-TV on IOF LIVE Orienteering (English commentary) First race day is Thursday May 13th with Sprint Relay on the schedule. The Knock-Out Sprint follows on Saturday […]

22.04.2021 The Orienteering World Cup and EOC in Switzerland is ready to go
A final decision has been taken to go forward with the organisation of the first Orienteering World Cup 2021 round including the European Orienteering Championships. The races will be the first major foot orienteering event since the Orienteering World Cup final in Guangdong, China, in 2019. We are back in sports! The races will take […]

20.04.2021 Norwegian Broadcaster NRK and the IOF sign 3-year TV agreement
The IOF and Norwegian Public Broadcaster NRK have signed an agreement for the 3-year period 2021 – 2023 regarding the broadcasting of TV productions from the World Orienteering Championships and the European Orienteering Championships. For 2021 this means that NRK will broadcast live from both the European Orienteering Championships in Switzerland May 13-16 and the […]

20.04.2021 WTOC 2021 postponed to 2022
The Polish Orienteering Federation and the organisers of the World Trail Orienteering Championships 2021 have informed the IOF that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they are not able to organise the event in 2021. The event had been scheduled for July 20-24 in Jelenia Góra in the Lower Silesia region of Poland. The WTOC in […]

19.04.2021 Hope is still alive for a World Masters Orienteering Championships 2021
Based upon the results of the participation survey recently conducted by the IOF and the WMOC 2021 organisers in Hungary, planning for the event in August continues. The survey, which was answered by over 1500 prior WMOC participants, indicates a strong interest among many masters athletes to participate at a WMOC this year. Of course […]

19.04.2021 Extension of nomination deadline for Athletes Representatives
At the end of the nomination period for Athletes Representatives, April 1, The IOF had received 23 nominations in total across the 4 orienteering disciplines. Here is the list of nominated athletes per discipline. FootO MTBO SkiO TrailO Dudu Erol M TUR Grigory Medvedev M RUS Erik Blomgren M SWE John Kewley M GBR Jan […]

16.04.2021 Partner in focus: Lumonite
We had a chat with Petrus Saari, CEO of Lumonite. You have recently signed a partnership contract with IOF. Why? Lumonite has always wanted to encourage people to the nature – also in the dark. Cooperation with the IOF is a very natural cooperation with us. We want to be involved in building outdoor sports […]

13.04.2021 World Orienteering Day 2021 – two opportunities
The reaction to the announcement that World Orienteering Day 2021 would be postponed from May to September was huge. A lot of people contacted the IOF both applauding and welcoming the decision but nearly equally many reinforcing the fact that they were ready to go ahead in May and hoped to be able to do […]

12.04.2021 New paths of cooperation for the IOF and ISF
The International School Sports Federation (ISF) and the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2016 to promote cooperation between the organisations. One of the key elements of the cooperation so far has been around the World School Championships – Orienteering (WSCO) where the latest event in Estonia in 2019 gathered 600 participants […]

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