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Sweden victorious in Mixed Sprint Relay

The first race in the new unofficial World Cup in Sprint took place today, a Mixed Sprint Relay held in the town of Kemer, south of Antalya on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. The winning team was from Sweden with a 19-second lead over Denmark at the finish.

Teams of four ran standard-length Sprint courses in the order woman-man-man-woman. Sweden 1 led throughout, Tove Alexandersson with a 7-second lead after the first leg and Lena Eliasson running a strong final leg. In between them, Jerker Lysell and Jonas Leandersson ran controlled races to maintain the lead. Denmark – with a good record in the races in this type of competition held so far – held third place for three legs of the race, and Maja Alm on the fourth leg was able to overtake Lina Strand, running for the Swedish second team. Fourth team to finish was Finland 1, almost 1 minute behind Sweden 2.

Switzerland had started as one of the favourites but had two teams disqualified. The courses were on the easy side and touch-free punching was in use. Team selection and tactics, and aspects of the organisation of the race, will now be analysed thoroughly prior to the introduction of Mixed Sprint Relay in the World Championships in Italy this summer.

Leading results

  1. Sweden 1 (Tove Alexandersson, Jerker Lysell, Jonas Leandersson, Lena Eliasson)  58:15
  2. Denmark 1 (Emma Klingenberg, Søren Bobach, Rasmus Thrane Hansen, Maja Alm)  58:34
  3. Sweden 2 (Karolin Ohlsson, William Lind, Gustav Bergman, Lina Strand)  58:59
  4. Finland 1  59:55
  5. Switzerland 2  1:00:03
  6. Russia 1  1:00:47


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