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Register your event for World Orienteering Week 2024 now!

From 2024 onwards IOF’s annual worldwide orienteering visibility and accessibility event will be known as World Orienteering Week.

World Orienteering Day began in 2016, where more than 250.000 participants took part in an orienteering event on May 11th, introducing young and old people across the world to orienteering.

Over the years the event has developed so that in runs over a week and earlier this year, IOF’s Council decided to change the name to World Orienteering Week.

The 2024 edition of WOW happens from May 18th to May 26th and any orienteering activity held can be registrered as a World Orienteering Week event.

Registration has just opened on the WOW-homepage, so you can be among the first to add your orienteering event to the world map.


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