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Olav Lundanes: “The dream came true”

Eight years ago now, Olav Lundanes moved to Halden to try to be one of the world’s best. Four years ago he set himself a special goal. Now the Norwegian has fulfilled it.

The Norwegian was one of the favourites on the Long Distance, and it ended as he had wished. “Since it was decided that WOC would be in this part of Sweden it has been a goal to win gold”, he smiles. It was in 2012 that Strömstad was chosen as the WOC Event Centre for 2016.

In the Middle Distance on Tuesday he came second after a race where he lost some seconds at three different places. At one place he ran the wrong way and at the others he didn’t make the best route choice. “I was more relaxed at the Long and had a good feeling”, he says.

Just a short drive from home

Halden is just on the other side of the border between Norway and Sweden. On the Long Distance the fourth control was just at the border, a little bit on the Norwegian side. “This is really home ground”, he says. But even though it is such a short distance from home, he thinks there is some difference in the terrain. It’s a bit more hilly in Sweden than what it mostly is in Halden.

For the last year he has been training 40 – 60 times on maps in the WOC district.

A lot of blood

The navigating went well all the time, but he also had other challenges. He hit his head on a rock when he came up close to the sixth control. “I was a little bit unsure about things when I got a lot of blood in the face and on the map, but it went well after that”.

 A good winter’s training

He hit his right shoulder at Tiomila and could’t do the training he wanted for some weeks, and he is not so sure he has reached his best level ever at this point in time. “I think I was better when I won the Long at WOC in 2012”, he says. Close to Lausanne he had a margin of almost three minutes to the next one on the Long Distance at WOC.

“Since 2012 I have felt older and every day has been challenging”, he smiles, and is thinking about several different injuries. But the last winter has been good in training, and also in the last two months before the championships he has really done what he has wanted. “I am probably better in running in the terrain now, but I think I was faster on hard ground earlier”.

Four times WOC gold

The 28-year-old athlete won his first gold on home ground in Trondheim in 2010. That was in a terrain quite similar to what he has grown up with in the western part of Norway. In 2014 he got another WOC gold in winning the Middle Distance in Italy.



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