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Kyburz got pay back for two years’ hard work

Tove Alexandersson                                      Photos: Erik Borg

Matthias Kyburz has fulfilled his big goal in the Czech Republic. And Tove Alexandersson didn’t take a step without knowing where she was.

“This really means a lot to me. Now I have succeeded in what I have been working towards for two years”, Matthias Kyburz says. It was not so unexpected that the Swiss won the Sprint, but his goal for the championships was to win a forest medal. That was achieved with a terrific race on the Middle. “I did a very good race. I made just one small mistake”, he says.

herretopper Middle 27-5-16

Men’s flower ceremony: Gustav Bergman, Matthias Kyburz, Lucas Basset

First he tried to take the medal at the Long distance. “There I was one minute late. Now I have made it”, he smiles. He is of course ready for more forest medals …

His team-mate Daniel Hubmann has a lot of forest medals, but on the Middle he didn’t qualify. That was the first time ever in a championship he didn’t do that. He decided to save power and then made a big mistake – and didn’t get to the final.

Tove also a double winner

On Tuesday Tove Alexandersson won her first individual gold in EOC or WOC. Now she has two. On the Long distance she made a quite big mistake near the end of the course. “This time I was very careful in the orienteering all the way. I knew all the time where I was”, she says. “I looked for details and didn’t go on before I knew exactly where to go”.

Also Kyburz navigated very carefully. “I picked object after object”, he remarked.

Sweden ready for more

For Sweden it has been a successful championships with a lot of medals. Gustav Bergman was leading the Middle race for a long time. Like all the other Swedes taking part in the Middle, he had some days without competitions. He liked it this way, but wants to run more at WOC.

gustav bergman fff 27-5-16

Gustav Bergman sprints in to take the lead

“At WOC there aren’t any qualification races. I hope to take part in everything except the Sprint Relay. With both Sprint and Sprint Relay it would be three races within 24 hours. After all the other finals there is one rest day”.

Today a lot of controls

In the women’s class it was a course of 5.0 kilometres as the crow flies, with 21 controls. The climb was 170 metres. The men had to find 24 controls on their 5.7 kilometre course with a total climb of 210 metres. The terrain was described in the bulletin like this: ‘Curly terrain, slope with many stones, stone grounds, watercourses, mixed visibility and runnability, medium density of paths, altitude 350  to 600 metres’.


Saturday brings EOC to an end, with the Relay at the same venue as the Middle Distance Final in Čerá Voda (meaning ‘black water’) in the north-east of the Czech Republic.


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