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Hubmann’s nightmare start

Matthias Kyburz waiting ….                                                             Photo: Erik Borg

Daniel Hubmann was back in the Swiss Sprint Relay team, but his race started in a very stressful way when he failed to collect his map on the way to the changeover point. The Swiss star ran very well, however, and Switzerland won the race and also got their first overall win in this competition.

When Matthias Kyburz came to the changeover after the second leg, there was nobody to change over to. Daniel Hubman had had to run back to collect the map in the start zone. “Just before I was going to change over, I saw that everybody else had collected a map,” he explains. “I thought it should be handed over by the incoming runner. I haven’t been running Sprint Relays for a while.”

The maps were given to the athletes before the changeover, with the change made by putting hands together.

No doubt in the end

Rahel Friedrich was first out for Switzerland, then Matthias Kyburz came in third at the second changeover. He had to wait some seconds before he could tap hands with Daniel. “The extra time I needed to get the map wasn’t so long, less than ten seconds. So although it gave some extra stress, I was concentrated on what to do. Had it been half a minute, it would have been worse,” Daniel says.

He held the third place and then it was up to Judith Wyder. She was the fastest on the last leg, and passed both her team-mate Sabine Hauswirth in the Swiss second team and Helena Jansson in the Swedish team.

Swiss overall winners

Switzerland also won overall. “It’s our first time winning overall when it has been official. We won overall two years ago, but that year it was unofficial. It’s great to do that,” Rahel Friedrich says.

Rahel and anchor Judith Wyder have taken part in all the Sprint Relays this year. “This year I have really gone for it. I like them,” Judith says.

Changes in men’s line-up

When the best team overall climbed on to the winners’ podium, there were in fact five men together with the two women. All seven have been in the Swiss teams that made the overall triumph.

“We are changing the men all the time,” Judith and Rahel smile.

– Will Daniel get more chances after this changeover?

“We’ll see,” Judith and Rahel smile, and really mean that of course he can be in the team again.

For Daniel it was in some way a bit of a test. Matthias Kyburz has taken part in the relays some times this year, but not every time. “This time I think it fitted very well to take part. It was a good starter for the coming two races this weekend.”



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