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Открытый Чемпионат Беларуси по велоориентированию

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Hagström’s biggest gold

Last year Sara Hagsröm won three golds at JWOC, but this gold in the Long Distance at JWOC in Norway is ranked higher.

At these Championships, Sara is the person from whom most has been expected. She has in some way to defend last year’s success; there’s much more pressure. Sara far prefers to have a great race when it’s not expected. “I like to win when coming from behind”, she smiles.

The recent months have also not been the very best for Sara. Three times she has hurt an ankle, and has had to drop running for about two weeks each time. “So the Long gold feels like the biggest I have taken”, she says.

The Swede had a tough race on the Long. On a long leg she hurt her ankle again and felt pain in the foot, but she didn’t think about the pain. “I didn’t run fast on this leg, but the pain in the ankle made me concentrate even more for the rest of the race”, she says.

Since last year she has developed her strength in orienteering. During the winter she lived in Halden, the city in Norway where there are so many top international orienteers. Her standard has gone up.

The last-year junior won her fourth JWOC gold on her very last individual race ever at JWOC. The start of the Championships hadn’t been that good. On the Sprint she disqualified herself. “I ran into a forbidden area, and did not think about not disqualifying myself”.

In the Middle Final she was among the best until she made a big mistake. On the Long it went very well despite some small mistakes. The terrain on the Long Distance was from 800 to 950 metres above sea level. In the terrain there were a lot of marshes and birch forest, with mostly good visibility.

The women’s course was 7.3 kilometres in length, with 16 controls. The winner was almost three minutes faster than the estimated time.


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