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European Youth Orienteering Championships 2016

This weekend, young orienteers from all around Europe gathered in Poland to meet up, have fun and to compete for medals at the European Youth Orienteering Championships.

It all kicked off on Friday morning with the Long Distance. The highly technical terrain of Helusz set the scene, and the young athletes had a real challenge before them. In the W18 class, Zuzanna Morawska of Poland rose to the challenge and secured a home victory, before second place Jasmina Gassner, Austria, followed by third place Tilla Farnes Hennum, Norway. In the W16 class the gold went to Finland’s Lotta Eerola, the silver to Andreya Dyaksova, Bulgaria, and the bronze to Inka Nurminen, also Finland.

In the M16 class Denmark’s Malthe Poulsen claimed the victory ahead of second place Topias Arola, Finland, and third place Guilhem Elias, France. In the M18 class, Daniel Vandas of the Czech Republic, was a comfortable 7.07 ahead of his compatriot Otakar Hirs in second place, who was followed by Switzerland’s Andrin Gründler.

The M18 first leg runners are off!

Saturday meant a new map and a new challenge: the relay.

In the M16 class the French team (Guilhem Haberkorn, Mathis Gennaro, Guilhem Elias) stood victorious, ahead of second place Switzerland (Mattia Gründler, Silas Hutzli, Fabial Aebersold) and third place Russia (Nikol Kudriavtcev, Konstant Seleznev, Anton Lukashevich)

The gold medals in the W16 class were won by Hungary (Dorottya Hajnal, Csilla Gardonyi, Hanga Szuromi), silver went to the Czech Republic (Jana Petrova, Eliska Hojna, Sárka Rückerova) and bronze to Switzerland (Lea Widmer, Elisa Bertozzi, Eliane Deininger).

In the older classes, Finland took a double victory, winning both the W18 class (Anni Haanpää, Amy Nymalm, Leenukk Hanhijärvi) and the M18 class (Aaro Julkunen, Akseli Ruohola, Tuomas Heikkilä). Host nation Poland also doubled up, taking bronze in both classes (M18: Marcin Biederman, Kacper Kuca, Fryderyk Pryjma. W18: Kinga Krolik, Agnieszka Cych, Zuzanna Morawska). The silver in the W18 class went to the Czech Republic (Apolena Malinova, Barbora Vyhnalkova, Tereza Janosikova), and to Norway (Jorgen Baklid, Havard Eidsmo, Vegard Guldbransen) in the M18 class.

The Finnish girls celebrating their W18 victory.

Sunday was the final day, and it was time for the Sprint. The Jarosław old town, with its many small streets, was the scene for the day’s fight for the medals.

Guilhem Elias, fresh from his success in the relay, took home the M16 gold for France, followed by Michal Boranek, Czech Republic, in second place and Leo Matinheikki, Finland, in third. In the M18 class it was a Nordic trio that claimed the medals: Kasper Fosser, Norway, took the gold, Sweden’s Henrik Johannesson took the silver and Finland’s Akseli Ruohola took the bronze.

Inka Nurminen, Finland, was the winner of the W16, followed by Csilla Gardonyi, Hungary, and Eliane Deininger, Switzerland. In the W18 class, it was another home victory for Poland, with Kinga Krolik claiming the Gold. The silver went to Tereza Janosikova, Czech Republich, and the bronze went to Agnes-Rebeka Néda, Romania.

As well as experiencing exciting orienteering, the young orienteers got the chance to meet each other and make friends. Hopefully these experiences will be jut as valuable, if not more, than the medals they take home.

For full results, see the event website.

Photos: Donatas Lazauskas


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