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19.04.2023 Remember deadline for O-Ringen Academy 2023 on April 30
Park World Tour Organisation, in cooperation with the International Orienteering Federation and O-Ringen are pleased to invite participants to the annual O-Ringen Academy, which will take place 20-29 July, in connection with O-Ringen in Åre, Sweden. Applications must be submitted by 30th April. The Academy provides a unique opportunity for orienteering federations and interested individuals […]

17.04.2023 10Mila to be shown on IOF TV for the next three years
IOF has acquired the TV-rights to broadcast the tradition-rich Swedish orienteering relays at 10Mila for the international audience until 2025. The broadcast will be available with English (and hopefully Finnish) commentary at IOF’s brand-new streaming platform IOF TV, which will debut very soon. 10mila consists of the Youth Relay, Women’s Relay and 10Mila Relay and […]

15.04.2023 Fair Play Education to have valid IOF Athlete License
IOF Athlete License holders are for the first time required to complete an e-learning course on Fair Play to have a valid license. The IOF Fair Play Education is available through e-learning courses on – also accessible from the “Learn and Meet” tab in the top menu of Dedicated courses have been developed […]

13.04.2023 IOF sends open letter to IOC
The International Orienteering Federation has sent an open letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in response to the recent development in recommendations from IOC related to possible inclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes in international competitions. On March 28, 2023 IOC issued a new set of recommendations to international federations, that among other things, mentions […]

01.04.2023 Young athletes from 8 countries compete at CEYOC in Slovakia
The Central European Youth Orienteering Cup takes place in Slovakia this weekend with competitors from eight different countries. It is the sixth edition of CEYOC where the athletes race a relay, a long distance and a sprint over the course of three days. 234 orienteers compete in W16, M16, W18 and M18 in the continental […]

30.03.2023 IOF strengthens process for evaluating event applications
IOF has taken initiative to develop a strengthened event application evaluation process for the most important IOF High Level Events such as the World Orienteering Championships (WOC). The ambition is to create an even more thorough and transparent evaluation process when there is more than one applicant. First of all, the objective is to select […]

22.03.2023 Orienteering and the Environment
IOF has published the report with the results of the survey “Orienteering and the Environment”. Issues related to the disturbance of vegetation and wildlife appear as the most common, whereas the use of materials and energy rank lower. The preservation of the environment is a key pillar of the IOF sustainability ambition but the relationship […]

14.03.2023 ESC gathers advice to limit the climate footprint
IOF’s Environment and Sustainability Commission (ESC) has published eight ways to reduce our carbon footprint. The publication can be found at IOF’s homepage and takes the reader through eight different areas, where it is possible to reduce the climate burden – e.g. transportation, plastic use and consumption. IOF has a main goal of becoming a […]

13.03.2023 IOF opens new digital process for Athletes License applications
IOF now introduces a new digital process for Athletes Licenses from the 2023 season and onwards. It was approved by IOF’s Council in November and makes it possible to apply for the license through the athlete’s profile in IOF Eventor and thereby reducing the manual work for both athletes and IOF Office and avoid the […]

10.03.2023 IOF will not implement a neutral team following member feedback
During its meeting on March 10 the IOF Council decided to not move forward with a proposal of creating an IOF Team for athletes that have emigrated from countries where the membership of the national orienteering federation in IOF is suspended. The discussion was actualized by the fact that the war in Ukraine and consequent […]

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