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Alexandersson: Back in business just in time!

Tove Alexandersson hadn’t competed since WOC when she went out last in the World Cup final. The Swede had to start twice, but it ended in the very best way.

Just like last year in the World Cup final the national hymn was played for the Swede. She could again be satisfied with a great year with a lot of injury challenges. After WOC she didn’t do any running until three weeks ago, and just after she started up again she hit her knee and got one more week without running.

– But when I haven’t run I have prepared well for the winter season with roller skiing.

– Not free time in winter?

– No, I go on with ski orienteering.

The coming winter EOC and World Cup are the biggest things.

In the last race of World Cup on Saturday Tove, as the leader, started last, but was given a map with the men’s course instead of the women’s.

– I went directly into the first control and then I noticed it when the control code was wrong and I realised I had the wrong map, the men’s map.

She ran straight back to the start.

– I was afraid the race was going to be cancelled and I couldn’t run at all and I wanted so much to take part.

– Things like this shouldn’t happen, but making mistakes is only human, says Håkan Carlsson, Swedish head coach.

Tove got a new start time 13 minutes after her first start, with the right map this time, but it ended with quite a lot of mistakes.

– I will not say that what happened at the start had any influence on what I did.

She became number 11 in the last race, a very technical middle distance in Arosa in Switzerland, and won World Cup overall with a margin of 31 points.

Beste female overall

Text and photo: Erik Borg


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