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13 best nations in WOC qualified for World Games 2017

The International World Games Association, IWGA, has allocated spaces for a total of 40 male and 40 female runners to the IOF. The thirteen best nations in the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships 2016, will have the right to enter up to 2 + 2 runners in the World Games in Wrocław, Poland 2017.

The International World Games Association (IWGA) has agreed to include three orienteering events in the programme of The World Games 2017 in Wrocław, Poland. There will be two individual events for men and women, a Sprint race and a Middle Distance race, as well as a Sprint Relay event.

The IWGA has allocated spaces for a total of 40 male and 40 female runners to the IOF. The host Federation (Poland) shall have the right to enter 2 + 2 runners and the same for the 13 best nations in WOC.

In addition, the 2016 World Champions in Sprint Distance, Middle Distance and Long Distance shall have a personal place in addition to their nation’s allocation. These runners are:
Women: Tove Alexandersson (SWE), Maja Alm (DEN)
Men: Matthias Kyburz (SUI), Olav Lundanes (NOR), Jerker Lysell (SWE)

The nations are ranked using results from two individual format finals (Sprint and Middle Distance) and one team event (Sprint Relay). As the affected WOC 2016 events have finished, we can now declare, that these 13 best nations (Poland excluded) are as follows: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.

The IOF is authorised to allocate the remaining places up to the total of 40 + 40 runners, with a maximum of 3 + 3 per country not counting the personal World Champion places. The IOF will allocate a place for a minimum of 1 man and 1 woman from each of the IOF regions (Africa, Asia, North America, Oceania, and South America) not having qualified a runner for the World Games and may allocate any remaining places at its discretion.

This extra allocation is expected to be made by 31 December 2016. The Member Federations affected will be contacted individually by the IOF Office.

You find the qualification results from WOC 2016 here.

The ranking shall be based on the total sum of points from the two individual finals and Sprint Relay event. In the individual events, 1 st place is awarded 100 points, 2nd is awarded 80 points, 3rd is awarded 60 points, 4th is awarded 50 points, 5th is awarded 45 points, 6th is awarded 40 points, 7th is awarded 37 points, 8th is awarded 35 points, 9th is awarded 33 points, 10th is awarded 31 points, 11th place 30 points and subsequent places are reduced by one. For each Federation, only their best two scores per event and class contribute to their ranking. For the Sprint Relay event, 1st place is awarded 200 points, 2nd is awarded 160 points, 3rd is awarded 120 points, 4th is awarded 100 points, 5th is awarded 90 points, 6th is awarded 80 points, 7th is awarded 74 points, 8th is awarded 70 points, 9th is awarded 66 points, 10th is awarded 62 points, 11th place 60 points and subsequent places reduced by two.


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