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WTOC Relay: wins for Slovakia (Open) and Sweden (Paralympic)

Slovakia was the surprise winner of the Open class in the first-ever official WTOC Relay competition. Sweden, the favourite for victory in the Paralympic class, duly took the gold there.

Slovakia and Portugal were the only two teams without a PreO control punch error in the Open class, and Slovakia was more successful at the tempO control to take the gold, with Portugal in silver medal position. Finland and Sweden had one punching error each but Finland was the better in the tempO and won bronze.

In the Paralympic class Sweden had one punching error and Ukraine and Finland had two, Ukraine taking silver and Finland bronze.

Leading results

Paralympic class

  1. Sweden (Inga Gunnarsson, Ola Jansson, Michael Johansson) 5:34.5
  2. Ukraine 6:42
  3. Finland 7:03
  4. Russia 7:23.5
  5. Czech Republic 8:23.5
  6. Latvia 9:14.5

Open class

  1. Slovakia (Marian Mikluš, Dušan Furucz, Ján Furucz) 1:42
  2. Portugal 3:13
  3. Finland 3:33
  4. Sweden 3:41.5
  5. Norway 4:05
  6. Croatia 4:40


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