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World Orienteering Day in Turkey

Front page of the Turkish World Orienteering Day flyer.

Turkey is moving towards record participation in World Orienteering Day. It is only a short while ago that the website for registering participation became active and with still nearly a month to go, the participation rate and involvement of schools in Turkey has taken the lead.

This is mainly due to the efforts of the Turkish Orienteering Federation, led by President Tekin Çolakoğlu, who have really taken the project to heart and worked very hard to make the day a success. They recently managed to gain the support of the Turkish Ministry of Sport and, following that, the support of the Ministry of Education, which came in form of a letter to all provincial directorates stating that this day was officially recognised by the Ministry.

Project leader, Kadir Yıldız, has also done a lot of work on a local level. For example, Etimesgut Municipality of Ankara has agreed to provide transportation for over 1000 children in the region to Göksupark, some 15 km away, where World Orienteerig Day will be celebrated as a huge o-festival.

Nermin Fenmen, Vice President of the Turkish Orienteering Federation, has described how they managed to raise the excitement and get so many involved. Read the full text here.


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