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World Cup: another fine victory for Simone!

Simone Niggli achieved today what she wanted – a clear win in her final forest race at elite level. She was 1 minute and 37 seconds faster than her nearest rival on the day, Annika Billstam. The men’s race was dominated by the Swiss team who took the first five places, Daniel Hubmann winning by 26 seconds.

A challenging middle distance course through the rocky hillsides near Baden, Switzerland and ending in the town amongst a big throng of excited spectators was just what Simone was looking for to end her international career – now she just has the Sprint tomorrow. After 2 km she was 6 seconds slower than the third-place finisher, Nadiya Volynska from Ukraine running her best-ever race at world level, but thereafter Simone pulled away from the rest of the field and finished with a huge lead. Tove Alexandersson, Sweden, leader in the World Cup standings before today, did not compete in today’s race, deciding for “tactical reasons” to save her strength for the Sprint tomorrow.

It’s not only Simone who retires from the Swiss team after this weekend; the two Matthias’s Merz and Leonhardt (formerly Müller) are also stopping their international careers. Merz finished fifth today but was also the fifth-placed Swiss runner in the results, with Daniel Hubmann, brothers Matthias and Andreas Kyburz and Fabian Hertner ahead of him. Andreas K. finished in a time 4 seconds slower than brother Matthias, who led the race by 11 seconds at the first radio after 2.7 km. A mistake in the middle part of the course led to Daniel Hubmann leading by 43 seconds after 5.1 km, and he held his form to come in victorious at the end.

Leading results


  1. Simone Niggli SUI 36:07
  2. Annika Billstam SWE 37:44
  3. Nadiya Volynska UKR 37:59
  4. Karolin Ohlsson SWE 38:47
  5. Minna Kauppi FIN 38:51
  6. Rahel Friederich SUI 39:13


  1. Daniel Hubmann SUI 36:15
  2. Matthias Kyburz SUI 36:41
  3. Andreas Kyburz SUI 36:45
  4. Fabian Hertner SUI 36:50
  5. Matthias Merz SUI 37:09
  6. Gustav Bergman SWE 37:58



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