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World Cup 2015 review – no change at the top

Tove Alexandersson, Sweden and Daniel Hubmann, Switzerland finished at the head of the 2015 World Cup standings, just as they did in 2014. Hubmann’s victory was outstanding, with four wins from the ten counting races and a points lead of 234. Alexandersson ran in seven of the races and won the first three.

The only other woman with more than one World Cup win in 2015 was Ida Bobach DEN with two. The other race winners were Maja Alm DEN, Annika Billstam SWE, Helena Jansson SWE, Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg NOR and Cat Taylor GBR. Sara Luescher SUI finished second overall, 7 places up on 2014, the reward for a consistent season – she ran in all the races. The biggest improver amongst the top six women was Emma Johansson SWE, at the age of 34 enjoying her best season ever and finishing 5th; her 2014 position was 52nd. Nadiya Volynska UKR and Sabine Hauswirth SUI also showed significant improvement on last year.

In contrast to the women, the men’s victories were shared between just four athletes. Daniel Hubmann’s compatriot Matthias Kyburz won 3 times and finished second overall; the other wins were by Thierry Gueorgiou FRA (2) and Jonas Leandersson SWE (1). The Norwegian Olav Lundanes ended in third place, with his fellow-countryman Magne Dæhli finishing 5th, 5 places better than in 2014. Gustav Bergman improved from 7th in 2014 to 4th this year.

IOF World Rankings

In the IOF World Rankings, based on all IOF World Ranking Events, top positions are currently held by Ida Bobach and – of course – Daniel Hubmann. Bobach has a narrow lead over Tove Alexandersson, and there is then a larger gap down to Judith Wyder SUI. The men’s scores are much closer with just 94 points separating the top 5. Another Dane, Maja Alm and, yes, Daniel Hubmann head the IOF Sprint World rankings. In both sets of rankings Switzerland has three men in the top six.


World Cup 2015 – leading final scores


  1. Tove Alexandersson SWE 540 points
  2. Sara Luescher SUI 509
  3. Nadiya Volynska UKR 459
  4. Ida Bobach DEN 458
  5. Emma Johansson SWE 373
  6. Sabine Hauswirth SUI 322


  1. Daniel Hubmann SUI 840
  2. Matthias Kyburz SUI 606
  3. Olav Lundanes NOR 384
  4. Gustav Bergman SWE 377
  5. Magne Dæhli NOR 340
  6. Thierry Gueorgiou FRA 317

IOF World Rankings as on 12/10/15 – top 6


  1. Ida Bobach DEN 5885 points
  2. Tove Alexandersson SWE 5871
  3. Judith Wyder SUI 5720
  4. Svetlana Mironova RUS 5687
  5. Cat Taylor GBR 5662
  6. Mari Fasting NOR 5613


  1. Daniel Hubmann SUI 5894
  2. Olav Lundanes NOR 5874
  3. Thierry Gueorgiou FRA 5870
  4. Fabian Hertner SUI 5828
  5. Matthias Kyburz SUI 5800
  6. Oleksandr Kratov UKR 5757

IOF Sprint World rankings as on 12/10/15 – top 6


  1. Maja Alm DEN 5850
  2. Judith Wyder SUI 5824
  3. Tove Alexandersson SWE 5771
  4. Nadiya Volynska UKR 5605
  5. Rahel Friederich SUI 5541
  6. Emma Klingenberg DEN 5521


  1. Daniel Hubmann SUI 5864
  2. Jonas Leandersson SWE 5859
  3. Jerker Lysell SWE 5819
  4. Matthias Kyburz SUI 5786
  5. Yannick Michiels BEL 5760
  6. Martin Hubmann SUI 5752




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