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World Championships Sprint in Venice

Danish joy after the historic medals. Photo: Erik Borg

The historic centre of Venice provided the perfect scene for a historic sprint race. Who would have thought before the race that Denmark would get a gold medal, and the winner would be Soren Bobach? Not many.

Soren has, however, concentrated on the Sprint this year, as you can read in our Athlete of the Month – July 2014. The work seems to have paid off big time – in the biggest possible way. It seems that all the training, and all the route choice drawing really were the key to success.

After the sprint qualification the men’s race was quite open. One of the first starters, Oystein Kvaal Osterbo had a good day and kept the lead for a long time in the finish. At the end his result was a 12th place. However, when Soren Bobach passed the arena passage, it was clear that he was on a totally different level than anyone before him – and as it would turn out, anyone after him. Swiss Daniel Hubmann was a threat to the very end, but finished 2 seconds behind Bobach, after a mistake on the way to the 19th control. Tue Lassen, Denmark, was third, another two seconds slower. A result worth mentioning is Belgium’s Yannick Michiels on 7th place – one of the best ever results of a Belgian orienteer!

The women’s race was as exciting to the end, but more of a battle between two runners, Swiss Judith Wyder and Swedish Tove Alexandersson. At the end Wyder was stronger, and Alexandersson finished 11 seconds behind. “I have much more to learn about sprint, but I am very happy about the silver medal”, Alexandersson said, and continued: “altogether I made about 30 seconds of mistakes”.

For results and maps, please visit the organisers’ website. Interviews from Sprint will appear in the Around the Arena section on the IOF frontpage later today or early tomorrow.


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