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What a come-back!

It was six years ago that Mårten Boström last time took part in a World Championships. What a come-back it was at the baseball stadium in the little Finnish town of Sotkamo. On his home page it is written that his sports career as an orienteer started at the age of four. Now he is 31 years old and for some years he has gone very hard also for athletics.

“Since he discovered that he was too fast for this sport and could not find the controls, he started to do long-distance running at the age of 17”, it states on his home page

But it was not only track and field. He got a bronze medal at the European Championships in Roskilde in Denmark at the age of 21. In 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 he took part in the World Championships. His best result was a ninth place at sprint in Ukraine. In fact he has only taken part in sprint in these WOCs.

This year was something very special with WOC: It was on home ground, and Mårten made it into a big occasion for the huge audience.  A lot of flags were being waved!  “There is nothing I could have done better. This is almost my best sprint ever”, he says.

On his home page he wrote the day before the sprint that he had never prepared so well before a WOC any time earlier. Orienteering has had his total focus for more than a year. “The goal in the race is to enjoy the feeling – I know how to tackle the trickiest labyrinths at full speed”, he wrote the day before.


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