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17.07.2013 Qualification for World Orienteering Championships 2014, nation slots
For the World Orienteering Championships 2014 in Italy, the following countries will have three nation start slots in the middle and long distance finals:

17.07.2013 WOC qualification model from 2014 onwards
The qualification model for the World Orienteering Championships is now ready.

15.07.2013 Valentin Novikov – a dream come true
For years, Valentin Novikov has been dreaming about getting a gold in the relay together with his younger brother, but Leonid Novikov hasn’t had such dreams. Valentin ran the second leg on the relay in the men’s class. Just before him ran Leonid. Both ran well and gave final-leg runner Dmitry Tsvetkov a good position. [...]

15.07.2013 Norway back in business
The final competition in the World Championships ended with the Norwegian national anthem at the prize-giving. “In the relay you have to run well”, Mari M. Fasting says. She ran the second leg and gave Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg a gap of 99 seconds in front of Denmark out on the last leg. “And I [...]

13.07.2013 World Orienteering Championships, Relay: victories for Norway and Russia
Norway’s women and Russia’s men came through victorious in the final races of the World Championships, the relays, today in Vuokatti in Finland. Technical terrain made for some dramatic situations as the story of each race unfolded.

13.07.2013 Simone on top form
Simone Niggli on her way to ther third gold at these Championships. Photo: Erik Borg Simone Niggli has reached her highest ever level of performance, and there could still be one more World Championships for the Swiss phantom. “Do you know how many golds you have achieved”, the interviewer asked at the press conference after [...]

12.07.2013 World Trail Orienteering Championships, TempO event: Pinja Mäkinen has clear victory
Young Pinja Mäkinen, Finland was the clear winner of the TempO final this afternoon, beating another young woman, Sweden’s Marit Wiksell by a time difference of 70 seconds. The bronze medallist was the very experienced Finn Lauri Kontkanen.

12.07.2013 World Orienteering Championships, Middle distance final: clean sweep for Niggli, men’s gold to Russia
Simone Niggli achieved her dream result today – a third individual gold medal on the technically difficult and rocky terrain west of Vuokatti in Finland. The men’s gold medal went to Russia’s Leonid Novikov, who here won his first major race at top international level.

12.07.2013 Constructive meeting of representatives of Orienteering Federations in Europe
The Assembly of the Orienteering Federations in Europe met in Sokos Hotel in Vuokatti, Finland on Tuesday 9th July, after the World Orienteering Championships 2013 Long distance race.

12.07.2013 Watching parties all around the USA
The WOC events can be followed live on the Universal Sports website in the United States, and in addition, the finals are sent on four consecutive evenings at 6:00 on TV.

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