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03.08.2013 Three seconds from an American medal
Alison was able to run fast today, and that resulted in a fifth place. Photo: Anna Jacobson Before the race, Alison Crocker had thought that it would be really good if she was amongst the ten best in sprint. She finished fifth – just three seconds from bronze medal! “I had a technically solid run, [...]

03.08.2013 The British are coming!
Murray Strain and Scott Fraser discussing the race with Andrey Khramov, Russia. Photo: Anna Jacobson The British team has been training sprint – and it can be seen! In the men’s class, Murray Strain and Scott Fraser finished 6th and 7th, and in the women’s class Tessa Hill 9th and Catherine Taylor 19th. And there [...]

03.08.2013 The World Games motivated to train – Andrey Khramov
You all saw it at The World Games sprint today: Andrey Khramov came “from nowhere”, and ran to a second place, beating World Championships medallists and other tough names. What happened, and where has he been the rest of the season? We decided to find out!

02.08.2013 Live chat with Annika Billstam, Andrey Khramov and Alison Crocker now!
To chat with the athletes, please go to:

02.08.2013 Billstam and Kyburz fastest at The World Games
The World Games sprint was held in the popular park El Ingenio in Cali, Colombia. Annika Billstam, Sweden, and Matthias Kyburz, Switzerland, were the clear winners on the long but fast sprint courses.

02.08.2013 President Brian Porteous opened the orienteering events
The World Games orienteering events have been opened. IOF President Brian Porteous thanked the organisers, the local organising committee, the International World Games Association, and all the athletes participating.

02.08.2013 Provisional approval for the use of Emit touch free punching system
The IOF Council has decided to provisionally approve the use of the 2013 version of the Emit touch free punching system at foot orienteering World Ranking Event level.

02.08.2013 Photos from The World Games available
Photos from The World Games have been added to the IOF Photo Gallery. To make the photos bigger, click on “full size”.

02.08.2013 Heat and sprint suit Kiril well
"Tomorrow's sprint seems to be a lot about running", Kiril Nikolov says, and continues: "that suits me well - but that suits many others as well. Still, I am aiming to get a medal."

02.08.2013 Favourite for a medal or two – Scott Fraser
Scott Fraser is most likely ending his competition season on Sunday. Before that he is favourite to win one, if not two, medals at The World Games.

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