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Tove Alexandersson: “It was hard to do a perfect race”

Photo: Erik Borg

For Tove Alexandersson, today’s race was a historic triumph. For Daniel Hubmann it was yet another gold medal in the Long Distance.

Tove Alexandersson is now 23 years old and has a remarkable list of successes. In ski orienteering she has had a lot of triumphs. But in summer-time there has been something missing – until on Tuesday in Bilá Voda, which means ‘white water’.

Her face showed her emotion before the flower ceremony. For the first time in an international championship she could step up to the highest point on the podium. The Swede is the new European Champion on the Long Distance.

Not at all the first time for Hubmann

Daniel Hubmann isn’t sure he did all the right things in the first forest final in the Czech Republic. “There were a lot of options. I’m not sure about all my decisions”, he tells. But the 33-year-old sportsman knew he had run a very good race in the hilly terrain; he navigated well and ran very fast. “I fought a lot”, he says. In mistakes it was just 20–30 seconds on the second control.

Magne Dæhli in second spot had lost a bit more than one minute on one control.

Hubmann tells that he’s glad for one more international gold.

– Which number is it?

“My fourth gold at EOC”, he tells after a little moment. This season he has made some mistakes, like at the World Cup Middle race in Poland. “But I knew how to do the Long and had expectations. I have had a lot of good results in the Long at EOC. I have either won or got silver”.

Some struggles for Alexandersson

Tove Alexandersson normally takes part in every race, but didn’t start in the Sprints at the beginning of EOC. “I have struggled with injuries. It’s first in the last 2-3 weeks that I have been running a lot. So there was too little time to prepare both for sprint and forest. I decided to go for forest”, Tove says.

Even though she has won a lot of medals, like silver in the Middle in her first WOC in Switzerland in 2012 when she still was a junior, there have also been a lot of challenges, like last year when she got both stomach and injury problems just before WOC and at the start of it.

“It’s great to get the gold, but it isn’t going to change anything”, she says. There is no doubt that Alexandersson will go on. Just at the beginning of senior age there is still much time for further improvement.

Moved to Norway

The top star is now living in Norway and has done that for some weeks. The place is Halden. She has had a plan to be there for a while and now it’s reality, but due to injuries she hasn’t taken part in so much training in the club. “The plan is to stay there until WOC in Strömstad”, she says. It’s just a few kilometres from Halden to the WOC terrain on the other side of the border.

– Will you also change to Halden Skiklubb?

“No, the plan is just to stay in Halden until WOC in Strömstad in August so I have no plans for a club change”.


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