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Tove Alexandersson: “I’ve got a new Sprint sense”

Tove Alexandersson ran a very smooth and fast race in central Lysekil. That showed the Swedish star a lot.

The Sprint race in Lysekil was declared void and there are no results, but Tove Alexandersson ran a very fast race even though the preparation for it just hasn’t been the best in the last month. Due to some small injuries, she has had to avoid hard surfaces after Tiomila at the beginning of April. She had just one Sprint training in the last week.

“The race showed me that I have gained experience in how to handle a Sprint, even when I am not doing so much of it just beforehand. I have trained for Sprint for some years though”.

The 22-year-old Swede gave a great performance on the Swedish national day, but there are no results due to problems with the punching system.

“It’s of course not so nice that it ended like this, but for me I have showed to myself that I could run a very good race. I have become more stable in my sprinting and I am very satisfied”.

The Sprint was organised in central Lysekil. It was in an urban area in an old small town with some narrow streets, some hilly parts and minor green areas. More than 90 per cent of the distance was on hard surface. Some route choices offered smaller parts with grass, forest or rocks.

The women had a 3.4 kilometre course with 16 controls and 90 metres climb.


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