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This time Wyder will remember the result!

For Judith Wyder, it was a remarkable difference in her Sprint performance at the World Championships (WOC) compared with the three previous years. Now she could really smile.

The Sprint distance started the Championships in Italy. Judith won the shortest distance just as at the European Orienteering Championships a little more than two months ago. In Venice she also had a much better race than in Pamela in April, where she lost some seconds at the start.

“It was a very well run race for me”, she says. The women had to visit 18 controls on their 4,0 kilometres long course.

Judith took a really big step up from her previous WOC performances in Sprint. This was the fourth time in a row that she has run the Sprint. “It hasn’t gone that well earlier. One year I was number twelve, another I was disqualified and the third time I’m not sure which place I got. I have learnt a lot from not doing so well. That has made it easier to do better later. I have also worked a lot mentally”, she says.

Venice is a very crowded place, with thousands of pedestrians especially in this part of the year, and in the central part of the town it’s almost impossible to run during the daytime due to the number of people, but this race was held in a part of the town where there are not so many tourists.

Janos Manarin planned the courses for the Final. At qualification in the morning, Carlo Pilat had the responsibility for the courses.

The next race is the first-ever Sprint Relay at WOC, on Monday evening in Trento.


Photo and text: Erik Borg



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