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03.05.2013 Evaluation of the 2012 major MTBO IOF Events
The IOF Mountain Bike Orienteering Commission asked athletes and coaches to evaluate major IOF events in 2012.

01.05.2013 “Trail Orienteering brought me back to life and back to being a proper part of society”, says TrailO World Champion 2005
Trail orienteering is an elite orienteering discipline as any other. But for some, it can have a special meaning beyond that. One of them is Evaldas Butrimas, our Athlete of May, who is trail orienteering World Champion from 2005.

29.04.2013 EWG’s proposals for OFE Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of orienteering federations in Europe (OFE) will take place on Tuesday 9th July 2013, 19.00 – 22.00 in Sokos Hotel in Vuokatti, Finland, in conjunction with the the World Orienteering Championships.

29.04.2013 Three event days in future WMSOC programme
The IOF Council has decided in its meeting last weekend to add a third event day to the World Masters Ski Orienteering Championships programme. The championships will continue to be a multi-day event with the modification that medals will be determined on the basis of the combined results of the two best races for each athlete.

27.04.2013 Council meeting, Day Two
The IOF Council meeting in Edinburgh continued today.

27.04.2013 Orienteering World Cup 2015 organisers appointed
The IOF Council has appointed Australia and Switzerland as organisers of Orienteering World Cup 2015. Round 3 will be part of the World Orienteering Championships in Scotland, Great Britain. Appointment of Round 2 organisers has been postponed.

26.04.2013 Council discussed WOC qualification model
The IOF Council discussed the WOC qualification model today. You can find background information on the process on the WOC in the Future page.

26.04.2013 IOF Council meets in Edinburgh
The IOF Council meets this weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland.

26.04.2013 IOF MTB Orienteering Event Advisers Clinic at O-Ringen 2013
The IOF MTB Orienteering Commission will be organising a MTB Orienteering Event Advisers' and Organisers' Clinic in conjuntion with O-Ringen in Boden, Sweden, on 24 July 2013.

23.04.2013 Unofficial European Cup in trail orienteering
An unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering (ECTO) is organised for the first time this year. The first two competitions were held last weekend in Southern Norway.

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