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The IOF Competition Programme Review Project Update

At the 2014 General Assembly member federations of the IOF were advised of details of the IOF Competition Review project. This project seeks to examine the competition structure of the IOF across all disciplines of the sport. It will provide a progress report at the 2015 Presidents’ Conference and the intention is that the project will be concluded by the 2016 General Assembly in Sweden.

The lead project group for the project is chaired by IOF Vice President Mike Dowling (AUS), Council members Mikko Salonen (FIN) and Nik Suter (SUI), Susanne Söderholm (SWE) and Jan Kocbach (NOR). In addition there are a number of Expert Groups across a range of key areas for consultation and feedback and a Reference Group for benchmarking any outcomes and proposals to be submitted to Council.

Work to date has consisted of a review of the IOF World Cup programme for foot orienteering and a paper was endorsed by Council at its October meeting that establishes a roadmap for the future of this discipline’s World Cup programme. Council endorsed one of the key suggestions from the road map that the future of the World Cup in foot orienteering must be on a more “commercial” footing if it is to sustainable and attractive to stakeholders into the future.

Over the last two months the lead project group has been examining the Nordic federations proposal for splitting the World Championships into an “urban” based and “forest” based formats on alternating years. An initial analysis of the proposal has raised many questions. Accordingly, member federations and expert groups within the project framework will receive a paper from the lead project group seeking feedback in response to these questions.

Project group chair Mike Dowling says, “At the 2014 General Assembly it was indicated that this project will be a complex process. It is very important that the wider project and all the sub tasks within the project are carefully thought through and analysed for what might be the consequences for any major changes to our competition program. In the area of our World Championships, we must listen to and consult with our member federations as to the structure and future of our world championships in foot orienteering as it is our most important “product” in the global development of our sport.”


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