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The IOF Code of Ethics is published

The global sporting community is facing turmoil, and no sport can assume that they will not be affected. Ethics in sport, good governance, fairness and the fight against doping in sport were therefore central topics at the XXVIII IOF General Assembly. The Member Federations of the International Orienteering Federation look very seriously on the issue of upholding the good reputation and values that orienteering represents, and together they made a resolution to strongly condemn doping, and to embrace the good governance of our sport. They also voted to establish an IOF Code of Ethics, accompanied by an independent Ethics Panel.

New Code of Ethics

The new Code of Ethics is now published on the IOF Website, and can be found here. 

The IOF Council will have ownership of the new Code of Ethics, which means that they will perform content and compliance reviews in all areas. But there will also be a new body, the IOF Ethics Panel, which will be responsible for investigating any possible violation reported under the new Code of Ethics. The Ethics Panel will be an independent body appointed by the General Assembly.

Topics covered by the Code of Ethics include good governance, for example delegation of authority and rights of signature, as well as conflicts of interest, compliance and whistle-blowing.

As per the IOF Statutes, any changes to the statutes come into effect as of the following General Assembly. This means that the IOF Ethics Panel will be elected in two years’ time, at the General Assembly in 2018. In the meantime, the Council intends to set up an interim Ethics Commission to work with the questions outlined in the new code.

General Assembly Resolution

Prompted by recent events in the global sporting community, the IOF Council also proposed as a matter of urgency to make a Resolution on the topic of Anti-Doping and sports governance. The IOF General Assembly unanimously approved the Council proposal.

    The members of the International Orienteering Federation unanimously resolved to:

  • In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code, condemn any forms of doping in sports, whether they be state-sponsored, individually, entourage or otherwise initiated.
  • Uphold the values of fair-play and a sport clean of doping, illegal betting and rules violations.
  • Adhere to the IOF Code of Ethics and embrace the good governance of our sport.


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