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The girl with the famous father

32 years ago, Jörgen Mårtensson won his first individual WOC gold as a senior. Today it was his daughter Heidi Mårtensson’s turn to win an international title.

“This is incredible! This is my biggest achievement as a junior”, smiles the Norwegian.

She is a very fast runner and is also training hard for track and field, and could therefore have a very high speed in the centre of a town, but in the end it was some struggle. “When I passed the arena I heard the speaker’s voice and that I was leading. In some ways it would have been better not to know it. I got stressed”, she says.

On the second last control she lost about 18 seconds, but she was the very fastest at the end, just like her father was on the classic distance at WOC in Marianske Lazne in what was Czechoslovakia in 1991, but then he had already been one of the best in the world for a long time.

– Now you have got something your father didn’t get!

“Well, he ran in the senior WOC at my age”, she replies. As an 18-year-old, some months older than Heidi is now, he was eighth in the Long distance in Kongsberg in 1978.

At the beginning of these championships Jögge was present, but he had to go and organise a trip with orienteers to the Faeroe Islands at the end of the week. However his great history with map and compass was mentioned at the prize-giving. “Here is the daughter of the famous father”, said the speaker.


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