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The Danes had planned the courses!

The fantastic Danish victory in the Sprint Relay was not a result of luck at all. The Danes had done their preparations.

81 seconds was the margin for the Danes in front of Norway, after the four legs in Nairn.

It was four incredible races by the four in the team. That was a result of what had happened beforehand.

For the three of them living in Aarhus, it has been sprint talks on Mondays. Tue Lassen had made a map of Nairn using material from the Internet. The four got familiar with the expected challenges, even though they of course didn’t know if there were going to be man-made fences on the race day. Of course they had also thought up a lot of different courses.

“We had made quite similar courses to what they turned out to be”, head coach Lars Lindstrøm smiles.

Emma set up a gap

Emma Klingenberg was alone in front quite early on the first leg. The gap to Italy on second place after the first leg was 46 seconds. On the next two legs the gap was closed by Switzerland’s men, and Maja Alm had Judith Wyder just behind her on the way out on the last leg. Early in the leg Wyder was leading just ahead of Maja.

Klingenberg has had to deal with an injury for a while, and is not running Sprint individual and not individually in the forest. She doesn’t want to take chances. “The forest Relay is my next and last race at WOC”, she says.

Also in the coming Relay the Nordic country will have a very good women’s team.

Safe navigation

Alm also showed strength in the Sprint Qualification, and again here the Dane ran very fast and when she passed the arena just before the last part of the race she had got a safe gap. Before this part of the course the two in lead had split up. “We took two different route choices”.

Maja just ran away from Judith Wyder after that, and finished with her team-mates. “It’s fantastic and also a bit unbelievable to win”, she smiles.

The fifth gold ever

For Denmark it was the fifth gold. In 1974 Mona Nørgaard won the Individual. 19 years later Allan Mogensen won the Long Distance in USA. In 1997 it was victory for the men’s team in the Relay, and last year Søren Bobach won the individual Sprint.

“I wanted to do well here too so that more could be gold winners”, smiles Søren Bobach. He had two route choices that were not so good in the beginning of the third leg, lost a few seconds, but ran well in the end. “The goal for us three first was to give Maja a good start on the last leg”. A good start was to be in the gold fight.

Got more motivation

At the Sprint Relay in the World Cup in Norway a couple of months ago the Danes were a bit behind leading Sweden. Head coach Lindstrøm thinks that was good for WOC preparations. “It was good for us to be beaten”, Lindström says. “After the World Cup Relay we have for the last two months been working well and our success is a result of our preparations”.

– It couldn’t be so easy to hold the concentration on the sprint work last autumn after the great success at WOC in Italy with taking three individual and one relay medal last year?

“Yes, we were losing a bit of our momentum at first”.

Now that momentum is fully back.




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