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Switzerland and Sweden win relays

The European Orienteering Championships relays took place today in sunny Palmela. Men’s relay was a real thriller to the very last meters, and at the end Sweden’s Gustav Bergman took home the victory by 4 seconds before Czech Republic’s Jan Prochazka. France finished third – their last leg runner Thierry Gueorgiou did not have his best day today.

Women’s relay was Switzerland’s show from the second leg on, and the last leg runner Judith Wyder did not give a chance to anyone else today. She took a clear victory before Sweden’s 2 team (!) and Russia. Denmark, who had started well, finished fourth.

Results, GPS routes and maps can be found on the organiser’s homepage:

Interviews with athletes will be published later today on the IOF frontpage in Around the Arena.

Leading results (provisional)


  Country Last leg runner    
1 Switzerland Judith Wyder 1:33:00 0:00
2 Sweden Alva Olsson 1:34:40 +1:40
3 Russia Natalia Vinogradova 1:34:52 +1:52
4 Denmark Maja Alm 1:35:11 +2:11
5 Estonia Evely Kaasiku 1:36:53 +3:53
6 Norway Mari Fasting 1:37:34 +4:3


  Country Last leg runner    
1 Sweden Gustav Bergman 1:48:27 0:00
2 Czech Republic Jan Prochaka 1:48:31 +0:04
3 France Thierry Gueorgiou 1:49:39 +1:12
4 Switzerland Martin Hubmann 1:49:49 +1:22
5 Great Britain Scott Fraser 1:50:40 +2:13
6 Finland Marten Bostrom 1:50:45 +2:18


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