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19.03.2019 Invitation to training camps for WOC 2020
Want to prepare for WOC 2020 in Denmark? The first official WOC 2020 training camp will take place in the period 18-26 May 2019. The training camp will start in Odense, where it will join the traditional Fynsk Sprint Cup competitions. After one week with several high-quality training opportunities in the Triangle Region, it will […]

18.03.2019 Sweden poised for Ski Orienteering climax
The world’s Ski Orienteering elite are gearing up right now for the climax of the season: the World Ski Orienteering Championships (WSOC) start on Wednesday at Piteå in northern Sweden, with four days of intense and exciting competition in prospect. European Championship (ESOC) gold medallists Tove Alexandersson, Magdalena Olsson and Erik Rost are on home […]

18.03.2019 Regional Development Seminar: “How to organize small and sprint orienteering events”.
IOF Regional and Youth Development Commission, together with the Hellenic  Federation of Modern Pentathlon (Orienteering Committee), invitation to Regional Development orienteering seminar “How to organize small and sprint orienteering events”. Not only participants from Greece are welcome, but also from other developing end emerging nations. Welcome!  

15.03.2019 World Cup National Quota and Bulletin 1 For the World Cup Final in China
The National Quota for World Cup competitions 2019 and Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships 2019 is described in a new document. Every National Team have defined number of start-slots for each competition. You can find it here. Bulletin 1 for World Cup final in China is released, please find it here.

14.03.2019 Global Orienteering Volunteer Platform: “Volunteering abroad … and why not you?”
Orienteering volunteers Valentin CHAREYRE and Frédéric TRANCHAND from France talked about their experiences in the French Orienteering Magazine CO Mag. IOF RYDC took the opportunity to share their enthusiasm and also asked David Poland from Australia and Diana Malaed from Lebanon to comment on developing orienteering through the IOF Volunteer Platform. Valentin is a 26 […]

10.03.2019 Joergen Baklid and Liisa Nenonen win Middle distance gold
As the inaugural edition of Ski Orienteering at the Winter Universiade came to an end, Norway’s Joergen Baklid and Finland’s Liisa Nenonenn won the men’s and women’s Middle distance races at the Raduga Cluster. Fifty athletes lined up at the start line in the men’s Middle distance Ski Orienteering race. Gorlanov and Kiselev, already medallists at […]

08.03.2019 Leho Haldna: “The Winter Universiade is a unique opportunity to make orienteering more visible”
The culmination of the Ski Orienteering season is approaching The snow has already melted in my garden in Estonia, but the Ski Orienteering season is still to reach its peak. Now, Ski Orienteering is on the program at the FISU Winter University for the first time in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Ski Orienteering was included as Universiade […]

08.03.2019 Russia takes Sprint Relay title as two Norwegian teams follow
In the ski orienteering Sprint Relay at Winter Universiade 2019, the Russian duo of Marina Viatkina and Sergei Gorlanov took the team title, with a time of 47:39. The Norwegian pair of Evine Westli Andersen and Joergen Baklid followed the host nation team in second position, at 48:42. Completing the podium was another Norwegian team, […]

06.03.2019 Updated IOF Control Descriptions published
The IOF Control Descriptions have been updated with some minor changes which improve the useability for Trail Orienteering.  Changes include clarification that “side” can be used with linear features such as track or stream  and there are small improvements to a number of the examples at the end of the document. Link to Control Descriptions

05.03.2019 19-year old wins women’s Ski Orienteering Pursuit
The Raduga Cluster hosted the second day of competition in Ski Orienteering at the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade, with the men’s and women’s Pursuits. Both gold medals were awarded to Russians – Sergey Gorlanov and Marina Viatkina. After the individual Ski Orienteering races the day before, athletes left the start line at time intervals based […]

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