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Rvacheva and Lamov head World Cup standings

After 5 of the 12 individual races in this season’s Ski Orienteering World Cup, Tatyana Rvacheva, Russia continues to lead the standings despite being beaten in both of the races in Norway this weekend. She is ahead of Tove Alexandersson by 20 points. There is then a big gap of 70 points down to third-placed Yuliya Tarasenko, but only 23 points between her and sixth-placed Daisy Kudre, Estonia.

As a result of his two victories in Norway, Andrey Lamov has extended his lead in the men’s standings to 76 points. Two Norwegians, Lars Hol Moholdt and Hans Jørgen Kvåle, hold second and third places with 9 points separating them. Erik Rost, Sweden has 36 points fewer than Kvåle in fourth place.

Leading standings


  1. Tatyana Rvacheva RUS 266
  2. Tove Alexandersson SWE 246
  3. Yuliya Tarasenko RUS 176
  4. Anastasia Kravchenko RUS 171
  5. Sonja Mörsky FIN 164
  6. Daisy Kudre EST 153


  1. Andrey Lamov RUS 280
  2. Lars Hol Moholdt NOR 204
  3. Hans Jørgen Kvåle NOR 195
  4. Erik Rost SWE 159
  5. Peter Arnesson SWE 156
  6. Ove Sætra NOR 151



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