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Return for relay in World Cup

For some years now there haven’t been any relays in the Orienteering World Cup, but next year this will change. Mixed sprint relay races will be organised in conjunction with many of the World Cup events, and of course at the World Orienteering Championships.  “It will be a unofficial World Cup”, Göran Andersson from the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission says.

The mixed sprint relay was tested a day before the World Cup final weekend in Baden, Switzerland. “It went very well”, Andersson summarises the event. The mixed relay format has been used at The World Games since 2005.

 ”I like it”, Emma Klingenberg says.  She ran the last leg for Denmark’s winning team and won the fight with the Norwegian Mari M. Fasting on the last leg.  “I enjoy when it’s intense and hard fighting and it was a nice experience to try the relay”, the 21-year-old talent says. Maja Alma, Tue Lassen and Søren Bobach run the three first legs in the Danish team. 

“It’s a good format for TV. It’s fast and easy to understand also for people who aren’t so familiar with orienteering”, Andersson says.  “Next time there will be an international sprint relay in Turkey in conjunction with the first World Cup round.”

WC middle distanse Baden i Sveits Lørdag 5. oktober 2013
The first-year senior Emma Klingenberg ran the last leg in the winning Danish team in the sprint relay in Baden. She looks forward to competing in more mixed sprint relays. Photo: Erik Borg



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