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Proposals to IOF General Assembly

By the deadline of 10 March 2014, two proposals from member federations had been submitted to the IOF General Assembly. Later on, one of these proposals, namely the one from the Nordic countries concerning the IOF competition calendar in all the disciplines, was withdrawn. The IOF Council submits two proposals to the General Assembly regarding Statutes changes.

Russian proposal: rogaining as fifth IOF discipline

The Russian Orienteering federation proposes to add rogaining as fifth IOF discipline. The IOF Council, while understanding the domestic position of the Russian Orienteering Federation with respect to orienteering activities known as rogaining, does not support the proposal.

However, rogaining type of orienteering competitions can already now be organised within the IOF’s existing rules structures, and it is expected that the new harmonised rules for all orienteering disciplines, which are currently being prepared, will add clarity to the ways in which orienteering activities similar to rogaining can be conducted within our existing disciplines.

Council proposal: Extension of the IOF Council term

The IOF Council proposes two main changes to the IOF Statutes: extension of the Council term from two to four years, and authorisation for Council to appoint all organisers of World Championships in all disciplines.

At the Presidents’ Conference held in Vuokatti, Finland in 2013, Council presented to the member federations three ideas for changes relating to the IOF Congress and to the Council term. On the basis of the feedback received from the members, Council decided to continue to develop one of the ideas, namely, an extension of the Council term from two to four years.

Working within a two-year cycle makes it challenging to achieve significant sustainable results. An extension of the term of office from two to four years would allow Council to work long-term and more diligently on the implementation of the strategic initiatives and thus help ensuring an effective realisation of the IOF’s key goals. An office term of four years would also bring the IOF into line with other major international sports federations.

To ensure institutional knowledge and smooth succession, the proposed election model introduces a rotation system whereby half of the Council positions are declared vacant every second year. It also introduces a term limit policy which identifies the maximum number of consecutive terms a person can serve on the Council.

Council proposal: Authorisation for Council to appoint all organisers of World Championships in all disciplines

In 2006, the IOF General Assembly resolved to change the procedure for appointment of World Championships organisers. It was decided that the General Assembly would make the appointments in even years while, in odd years, the appointments would be made by the Council. A set of criteria was developed as a basis for the evaluation of the candidates.

The implementation of this General Assembly decision meant that, since 2009, Council appoints the organisers of all IOF events, except for every second World Championship organiser in all four disciplines. The current appointment procedure makes it difficult to achieve an appropriate long-term geographic spread of the events, and to take into account other significant factors such as optimal dates and the promotional aspects of the events. Neither does the present process allow the Council to carry out any
detailed negotiations to facilitate the staging of the premier events in the most effective manner. Authorising the Council to appoint all organisers of World Championships in all disciplines would facilitate the long-term planning of major IOF events, and contribute to the achievement of the related goals and strategic initiatives presented in Strategic Directions.

The IOF XXVII General Assembly takes place on 10 July 2014 in Lavarone, Italy.


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