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Positive signal for last year’s champion

Søren Bobach won the Sprint on an incredible Danish day one year ago. This year he’s aiming for a position among the six best.

Soren tttt

The Dane was number four in the group that Kris Jones had the best time in. The runner from Great Britain was 15 seconds faster. “The race gave me a positive signal”, Søren says.

For some weeks he has felt a bit over-trained and hasn’t done the preparations he has really wanted, but now it’s looking better again even if he’s not sure he is 100 per cent again. “The goal is to be among the six best”.

At WOC in Venice it was three medals for Denmark, with gold to Bobach and a bronze for his team mate Tue Lassen who was fourth in the qualification and Maja Alm. She had the best time in her group.

Cecilie Friberg Klysner was second best in her group on Friday evening.

The Danes are really in a good position before the Final.


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