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Orienteering federations of Europe disband the European Working Group

At today’s meeting of the Orienteering Federations of Europe, it was decided to remove the European Working Group from the IOF structure, and in stead work to establish recognized sub-regional groups.

During the meeting, both the challenges and advantages of moving forward in this way were discussed. It was the opinion of the meeting that the IOF should function as a mediator, but that the initiative to form groups must come from the national federation level. Enough structure is required to be able to coordinate work, such as an activity plan and statutes for each group, but the groups should be able to focus on working on their common goals, rather than on politics.

As an inspiration to present and future groups alike, presentations on the work of the Confederation of Mediterranean Orienteering Federation, South East European Orienteering Association, NORD Group, and the proposed new Central European Cooperation were much appreciated by all.

The work will now begin to create and maintain sub-regional groups, and to coordinate their efforts. The IOF Regional and Youth Development Commission and Regional Coordinators will be part of this work.


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