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O-Ringen Academy and IOF Scholarship

O-Ringen Academy is a place for orienteering runners from different countries and on different levels, including beginners, to meet and exchange their experience and learn new.

The advantage of the O-Ringen Academy is that orienteers from non-IOF Member Federations have the possibility to participate.

In 2019, 45 orienteers from 13 countries, Argentina, China, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Macedonia, Mauritius, Mexico, Lebanon, South Korea and Turkey participated in O-Ringen Academy.

Anyone can apply for O-Ringen Academy. Read more and you find the Application Form for O-Ringen Academy here.

The IOF will award Scholarships to selected individuals to cover O-Ringen Academy fee. Criteria for awarding the Scholarship and the Application Form for O-Ringen Scholarship can be found here.

The deadline for apply for O-Ringen Scholarship is the 1st of March.

Please contact Jaroslav Kacmarcik (jkpwt(a) if you have any questions.


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