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Niggli – 3 good months of training

Since March Simone Niggli has done very well in training. So top results as usual when the Swiss star began her World Cup season.

The mother of three won the sprint and the middle distance in the first World Cup races she took part in this season. Niggli didn’t go to New Zealand in January and in mid-winter her training didn’t go so well either. “But since March my training has gone very well”, she says.

In Groruddalen, north-east of the Norwegian capital, she impressed again, but there is more to show. “My level was my best ever last year and I hope I can reach the same level this year”, she says.

As in earlier years, she always has the same feeling at the start. “I feel nervous, and that’s important for performing well”, she says. In the sprint she had just one little mistake. “My plan was to run carefully, and I managed to do that”. On the middle distance it was just the same. “I had a good race”, she says. The big goal is of course WOC in Finland for the 35-year-old athlete from Münsingen, close to Bern.


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