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New sprint format

On its last meeting the IOF Council agreed on the proposed third sprint format; a one-day competition with qualification and elimination heats.

Council agreed with the Foot Orienteering Commission’s proposal regarding number of elimination rounds and competitors per heat, principles for advancing and estimated winning times.

Council agreed that the overall format shall be able to be organised in one day and shall include a qualification race with possibility for broad participation, followed by three elimination rounds as specified in the report.

Council did not decide forking/splitting method for elimination round courses, and requested further testing of courses with 1) No forking, 2) «Self choice» forking and 3)  forking method in which all runners pass the same controls (butterfly loops, phi loop or similar).

Further testing will start immediately and the first high level event with the new format will be the World Cup in Czech Republic in autumn 2018.

A questionnaire regarding the upcoming testing will be published during November 2017.

All organisers; clubs, national teams et cetera are welcome to test the format in their trainings and give feedback to project leader Daniel Leibundgut.

Final report about the new sprint format by FOC which includes the results of testing of forking methods is expected in November 2018.

Draft Version of the «Third Sprint Format description» by Daniel Leibundgut and Matthias Niggli

Minutes of the IOF Council Meeting 186

Further details, test outcomes and project updates can be found here.


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