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New gold medal for Simone Niggli

Athletes from ten different nations won gold medals in today’s World Masters Championships Sprint Final in Gothenburg, Sweden. One of the most well-known names in the winners’ list is Simone Niggli.

The Swiss star who has won more gold medals in World Championships than anyone else by far – 23 in all – was 1.06 in front at the finish in class W35. Jörgen Mårtensson, now running for a Norwegian club although he represented Sweden in several World Championships and has 2 gold medals to his name, was winner in M55.

Tightest win was that by another well-known name: Peo Bengtsson, Sweden, who has introduced orienteering to very many new countries in his time, won M80 by 1 second. Oldest competitor to complete the course was Rune Haraldsson, Sweden in M95.

WMOC Sprint Champions 2015


W35 Simone Niggli SUI

W40 Yvonne Gunell FIN

W45 Liselotte Freuler SUI

W50 Laila B. Höglund SWE

W55 Kari Elisabeth Natvig NOR

W60 Unni Strand Karlsen NOR

W65 Tamara Ovsyannikova RUS

W70 Inge Jørgensen DEN

W75 Pirkko Tahvanainen FIN

W80 Bertice Antonsson SWE

W85 Lisa Hedström SWE


M35 Pieter Hendrickx BEL

M40 Nick Barrable GBR

M45 Tzvetan Todorov BUL

M50 Oli Buholzer SUI

M55 Jörgen Mårtensson NOR

M60 Geoff Lawford AUS

M65 Keld Johnsen DEN

M70 Mauno Hanhela FIN

M75 Eric Bucher SUI

M80 Peo Bengtsson SWE

M85 Kurt Dose DEN

M90 Rune Isaksson SWE

M95 Rune Haraldsson SWE


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