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28.12.2020 O-Ringen Academy 2021
O-Ringen Academy is a place for orienteering runners from different countries and on different levels, including beginners, to meet and exchange their experience and learn new. O-Ringen Academy is primarily intended for participants from new and developing orienteering countries, where there is a need to quickly learn the skills and routines required to organize orienteering […]

26.12.2020 World Cup in Estonia 2022 offers the best examples of Estonian terrain
The World Cup 2022 will include a round in Rakvere in Estonia. The event will also have the status of European World Championships and will include long distance, middle distance and a relay. The event was originally planned for 2020. Event Director Raido Jaan Rei is already planning for the event and has some input […]

23.12.2020 Who will be Athlete of the Year 2021?
The nominations are in, now it’s time to vote to see who is the favourite to become Athlete of the Year 2021. At the end of the nomination period December 20th we had received 124 nominations for 69 athletes. Among the nominations a random draw was made to see who won prizes from our partners […]

22.12.2020 World Cup Relay and Team competitions: 5 distinct phases
The Individual competition has always been foremost in the World Cup, but Relays and Team competitions have also been included – although not in all years. There have been 5 distinct phases: Individual World Cup competition only from 1986 to 1992 (the first 4 editions) Separate Men’s and Women’s Relay competitions, 1994 to 2006 (8 […]

21.12.2020 World Cup 1986-2019: Daniel Hubmann the most outstanding athlete
Biggest star ever in the men’s World Cup is Daniel Hubmann, Switzerland, who holds the record for the number of overall World Cup victories, six in all, won between 2008 and 2015. His compatriot Matthias Kyburz has won five times. The only other athlete with more than one title to his name is Thierry Gueorgiou, […]

20.12.2020 World Cup 1986-2019: two women athletes supreme
Simone Niggli, Switzerland and Tove Alexandersson, Sweden are two legendary names in World Cup history. Niggli dominated the World Cup results between 2002 and 2013, achieving top spot overall 9 times; Alexandersson has won every year in the period 2014-19. Eleven women in all have held first place at the end of the year’s competition, […]

18.12.2020 World Masters Orienteering Championships 2021 in Hungary – entries are open!
Following the postponement of the World Masters Games 2021 in Japan to 2022, the IOF Council initiated work to find an organiser of a WMOC in the calendar year 2021. Of the 2 applications which were received for hosting a WMOC 2021 at short notice, Council decided to appoint Hungary, with the event to be […]

17.12.2020 The World Cup – 25 editions since 1986
  First staged in 1986, the official IOF World Cup in Orienteering has very successfully recognised athletes’ performance over a full season, in a variety of race formats on varied types of terrain all over the world. The World Cup has brought elite-level orienteering to many countries, helping to make orienteering much better-known and providing […]

15.12.2020 Get to know Verein Swiss Cup
The World Cup is managed by a consortium consisting of two parts; the IOF and Verein Swiss Cup. The latter is a Swiss organization which has been organizing events and developing orienteering since 2004. The organization was founded after the successful organisation of WOC 2003 in Switzerland. After this big event, Switzerland wanted to further […]

14.12.2020 Virtual TrailO Advent Calendar: win for Sweden’s Marit Wiksell
After completion of the 24-event TORUS Advent Calendar, a well-known name sits at the top of the final results list in the Advanced class: Marit Wiksell, Sweden, current World Champion in TempO, finshed with a narrow victory over Marcello Lambertini, Italy. The club competition was won by Polisportiva Masi, Italy, and Italy was the best […]

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