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MTB Orienteering World Cup standings – Benham and Foliforov lead

The second round of the MTB Orienteering World Cup is now over, and the final round points will be awarded based on the results in the MTB Orienteering World Championships in Poland in late August.

In the women’s standings, Emily Benham (Great Britain) has a handy lead after her 3 successive wiins in the second round. The Finnish riders Marika Hara and Ingrid Stengård are the closest contenders for the lead, respectively 45 and 80 points down on Benham.

Anton Foliforov (Russia) holds a slender lead in the men’s competition, courtesy of two victories in the second round. Both Pekka Niemi, Finland (4 points down) and Lauri Malsroos, Estonia (8 down) are in close contention for overall victory.

The full list of standings, together with the IOF MTBO World Rankings, can be seen by clicking on the link World Ranking & World Cup in the left-hand menu.

Leading standings after second round


  1. Emily Benham GBR  275
  2. Marika Hara FIN  230
  3. Ingrid Stengård FIN  195
  4. Svetlana Poverina RUS  178
  5. Martina Tichovska CZE  169
  6. Susanna Laurila FIN  147


  1. Anton Foliforov RUS  205
  2. Pekka Niemi FIN  201
  3. Lauri Malsroos EST  193
  4. Ruslan Gritsan RUS  172
  5. Jussi Laurila FIN  158
  6. Jiri Hradil CZE  155


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