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Minutes of Council Meeting 197 published

The minutes from the IOF council meeting this past weekend (10-12 January 2020) have been published. Here is a short summary of the most important desicions/topics:

*Philippines approved as a Provisional Member i.e. as IOF Member Federation number 76, and the change of the membership of Nepal from Provisional member to Member was approved.

*Event appointments in Foot Orienteering, MTB Orienteering and Trail Orienteering 2021 and 2022. Details are published in a separate news article.

*Current status on event bids and applications will be published in a separate news article.

*Three new IOF Policys were approved:

  • Sustainability policy
  • Travel policy
  • Policy on hospitality and gifts

*Council approved the proposed rule change regarding the use of maps at scale 1:10 000 for long distance competitions at WRE and regional championships events, if approved by the IOF Event Adviser.

*Council also approved the rules for Foot Orienteering, MTB Orienteering and Trail Orienteering. The updated rules can be found here

*Council discussed the recent incident at the Military World Games and the World Cup Final in China. The outcome of the discussions and future actions will be published in a separate article.

More detailed information about some of the key topics will be published in separate news articles the coming days.

All IOF Council meeting minutes are found here


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