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Matthias Kyburz: “something really extra”

For Matthias Kyburz the gold on the Middle Distance is a result of what has happened during recent months and also during the winter. The Swiss star has been working a lot on some technique that has been missing for a while.

For some years Kyburz has been one of the best in the world. Four years ago he won the Sprint at WOC on home ground in Switzerland, but he will not say that’s the biggest gold, for today was something really extra with his first individual WOC gold in the forest. “For a Swiss, there is not much that can be bigger than to win a technically difficult Middle Distance in Nordic terrain in Sweden”, he smiles.

The trainer’s word

Since a young age he has had Daniel Klauser as his personal trainer. Klauser said some words that determined changes in the training programme. “You haven’t developed your level of orienteering for four years”, said the trainer.

That started a process that included a key milestone at the European Championships in the Czech Republic in May where Matthias also won the Middle. That gave self-confidence.

The winter project

During the winter Matthias has been working a lot with his way of orienteering in the forest. “I haven’t been accurate enough. I have been running too much without having exact control. Now I am running more from stone to stone – from detail to detail”, he says.

In the municipality of Tanum in Sweden he navigated very accurately, and there is more to come. The Long Distance is on Thursday.

Avoided the green

Just before the last 5 of the 25 controls, Olav Lundanes had a gap of 16 seconds to the Swiss. The Norwegian ran straight to the 22th control. Kyburz ran a bit further and followed a track for some distance. The soon-to-be winner had the better choice. Lundanes, who had a 14-second slower time at the finish line than the Swiss, isn’t disappointed by this choice, but he doesn’t like what happened earlier in the race in the run up to the fourth control.

“I ran a bit in the wrong direction when I followed what I thought was a track. I should really have not done that”, said the silver medal winner, who lost about 20 seconds on this leg.



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